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Short | $60

Standard | $65

Long | $70

Extra Long/Extensions | $75-80

(depending on length and type of extensions)

Loyalty pack of 10 blowdries | $550

(Standard Length)

*Two free blowdries included in this package.



All cuts include blowdry, luxury product at basin and massage.

Female - Senior | from $160

Female - Director | from $180

Female - Art Director | from $220

Male - (standard) | $75

Male - (fade precision cut) | $90

Student female | from $125

Student male (standard) | $60

Student Male (fade precision cut) | $65


All prices are quoted on short hair, and are subject to change without notice. All haircuts must be completed with a blow dry.

Semi permanent (roots only) | from $130

Tint regrowth | from $165

Tint & semi | from $225

Hairline tint | from $70



Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment | $50
Caviar treatment | $80
Keratin treatments from $250 - $400
Toner/gloss | from $50

All prices are quoted on short hair, and are subject to change without notice. All hair colouring services must be completed with a blow dry.



½ Head highlights + semi | from $300
½ Head highlights + tint | from $300

Full Head highlights | $300

¾ Head highlights | $290
½ Head highlights | $250
¼ Head highlights | $190

Scalp bleach (virgin hair, w. smart bond) | $350

Scalp bleach (retouch, w. smart bond) | $200


Balayage (priced according to individual needs) | from $240


Pricing available by consultation and according to team member:
Director | Educator | Stylist


Full Head of Russian weave extensions

Full head of Italian/ Brazilian weave extensions

Full head of European tape extensions

Tape extension lift (Senior) | $220

Tape extension lift (Director) | $260

Weave extension lift (Senior) | from $80

Weave extension lift (Director) | from $100

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Extensions are one of our most popular services and are a fabulous way to bring volume and length to your natural hair. Far from harming your hair, they are often an ideal way to introduce colour to your hair without exposure to damaging colour processes. Our team have been trained internationally and bring the the very best hair extention techniques and technology to COLE salon.


TYPES | We offer three types of extensions in store: Individual copperbells, weave-in and tape extensions. Each have their own unique benefits so it’s worth doing your research and making an informed decision which will work best for you. Consultations are available to determine the best option for you.


ORIGIN | We use premium Russian and Brazilian imported hair for our extension services, the absolute top quality currently available on the market.


MAINTENANCE | We recommend booking an appointment every 6-8 weeks to have your extensions lifted. This is absolutely essential to keep them looking fresh and natural while keeping the bonds hidden.


CARE | We recommend not washing your hair for 3 days after having your extensions installed. After this period ensure you regularly brush hair with care, starting from the top to remove tangles. To promote manageability, we especially recommend brushing your hair before swimming, sleeping or washing your hair.


LIFESPAN | Individual copperbells and weave-ins last around a year while tape extensions are a last around 9-12 months. The length of time will ultimately depend on how well they are maintained.

PRICING | As every individual's hair and needs are entirely unique, we are only able to provide an indication of price following an in-salon consultation. Our services for application, maintenance and cuts are priced according to the experience of staff applying the extensions: Director / Educator / Stylist. Pricing for hair is according to quantity and type used and remains consistent regardless of stylist used. All of our team members are internationally trained and at the forefront of extension services in Australia.

PLEASE NOTE – All prices are determined in final consultation based on individual needs of client
on day of appointment. Final charge includes total of individual services received in salon. Prices subject to change.
As a sustainable salon each client is charged a $3 green fee which goes towards helping support the salons impact on the community & environment. 

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